new class cycle for oct./nov. 19

Hi there.

I just wanted to remind you for another round of classes.
Its strange to think about the holidays already but seeing this year passing by like a jet plane, this year seem to end faster than I hoped.
So take the chance and maybe  think about some gifts in addition to your own projects.
The next term is starting:
Mondays: 10/7, 10/14, 10/21/ 10/28 ( 9.30-12, $170, $4/gram of silver)
 11/4, 11/11, 11/18, 11/25  ( 9.30-12, $170, $4/gram of silver)
Thursdays:10/3, 10/10, 10/17, 10/24  ( 9.30-12, $170, $4/gram of silver) -no class on 10/31
  11/7, 11/14, 11/21, 11/28  ( 9.30-12, $170, $4/gram of silver)
Also I thought I would offer some extra hours on a few Saturdays and another precious metal clay:
Extra hours:    Sat. 10/12 ( 9.30-11.30, $40, $4/gram of silver)
  11/9, 11/23  ( 9.30-11.30, $40, $4/gram of silver)
Precious metal clay (PMC):
sat. 10/26 + 11/2 ( 9.30-12.30, each day, $ ( $300, a 28gr. Package of clay motives, buttons, patterns, firing  included).
As you can see there are many chances to keep working and maybe try something new (pmc) and think about some gifting options.
Let know if you have any special requests, as you know I also do private teachings, groups classes as “family creating together”, “friends having fun creating”, of course the “wedding band classes” and what ever you have on your mind.
All the best,

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another love birds get married

another couple came all the way from Connecticut, in order to spend their time at WERKSTATT , to make their own wedding bands.

lindsay and greg came over a few weeks ago and made their bands, had a lot of fun together, were super focus and talented and indulged some snacks and the sun shining into the shop.

congratulations you both and thank  you for your trust in me.

best, Jane

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update, April 2019

hello my friends.

its been a while and shocking how fast time flies.

so much has happened and somehow I have the feeling that this year is full of surprises, changes and improvements. WERKSTATT is doing well and I am positive that it will become better even.

I keep piling up “make your own wedding band” appointments as well as private lessons and wholesale/trade show options.

also, like always, there is a lot in my mind how to improve this location and utilize it as a wonderful, welcoming back yard where the whole network can connect. from wedding planners, foodies, crafters, creators etc.

I have not figured out yet, how to REALLY do it but my vision is solid.let me know if you have ideas. this studio and surrounding is an open playground.

also, I will celebrate my 5th anniversary of WERKSTATT on the 4th of may (11-5), which is very hard to believe. I will attach a few “before-after” pictures and some which will show the development of this special place.

I hope I will see you at the celebration and take some time to catch up, take advantage of some sale possibilities for mothers day and just be part of our lives.

best, Jane and thank you friends to make WERKSTATT happen.



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another open house weekend

flyer open house 2018

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December 9, 2018 · 1:33 am

another open house this coming sat.&sund. 11am-5pm

hello friends,

I just want to remind you of my 3rd open house this coming) sat.and Sunday (12/8-12/9) between 11am and 5pm at 26 spring street, in the old north end of burlington. look and shop at fine jewelry while you stay warm at the fireplace and munch some snacks.

we also still have time to design a custom piece or change an existing piece.

of course you can always make an appointment at anytime as well.

happy holidays and stay warm.

yours, jane Continue reading

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come to the WERKSTATT open house

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my favorite helper


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July 23, 2017 · 4:42 pm

come and join a new vt art/design event

Artist As Designer-1200x628

hello friends, customers and students.
please pay attention to my friends new project, starting at their wonderful spot in waterbury. right behind the prohibition pig. there is the treasure of property that offers beautiful pottery, barns and vermont country atmosphere, which always includes a homy, welcoming, warm hearted, family- creative vibe with wonderful selected handmade local products that they advertise and promote this year in a special way for the first time.
my very first friends here in vermont (2006), wonderful, warmhearted and universally talented georgia ayers and her known husband, potter jeremy ayers, (many of you will know him from farmers markets or many stores throughout the north east kingdom, decided to start a project called “artist as designer”. they decided to give  designers and creative entrepreneurs the platform to connect with people and demonstrate their process of work, inspiration and motivation of why they want to do what they do.
you have the chance to see a lot of art, get to know their creators and also get familiar with this property that is handed down from generation to generation and is absolutely romantic and fantastic for innovative , creative projects in the future.
we all hope you will come and support this event, getting to know us as artists/designers, getting to know our process, inspiration and motivation of our work and also start to understand what it takes to be one of those who are willing to take risks in order to do what they looove to do.
i hope i will see lots of you at this wonderful scene.


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celebrate our mothers

mothers day is coming up and its a good reminder to celebrate our mothers and their ability to always make us feel loved and safe.

lets give back some love and appreciation.

WERKSTATT will contribute with a 10% discount offer on all jewelry in stock, starting now until sunday, may 14th.

also, there is still enough time for custom orders.

please schedule an appointment to look at handmade jewelry of all kinds and in all precious metals.

treat your mom as special as she is!!

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such a touching compliment that keeps me doing what i do

this is from my wonderful and inspiring  student eve and came out of the blue in a time that i was struggling, doubting and simply sad….it brought me back to the place to stay more positive, in general but especially right now. its hard but worth it to stand up for your visions and your believes.and small things can grow big…

thank you eve, for getting me going.

“Thank you so much for everything.  I do not tell you enough, your workshop and classes are my happy place. Thank you for offering your beautiful, bright, sunny self and family and home. You have such a warm bright light inside of you.  I am endlessly grateful for you and werkstatt.”

“I can’t contain all the wonderful things I have to say about you. You are such a huge light in my life! I wish you knew. We ALL love being around you so much. . I wish you knew how we all feel about you! I really do appreciate you more than words can tell. You and your classes are the best part of my week. The homey vibe of werkstatt along with your laugh and the creative, comfortable energy feels like a healing balm for the soul. I talk about it all time. You create this little community that I now can’t imagine living without.  “Thank you” doesn’t begin to cut it.

If you ever need a comment or praise for your blog or anything, let me know so that I can sit down and write something more  articulate about werkstatt and you.

Really- You are magic. Simply the best.

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