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thank you zach and alissa

i met zach in november 2015 to talk about making an engagement ring for him.

since he lives in boston we did a lot back and forth via email but a few months later we  came up with this very simple, elegant and beautiful design including a rose cut diamond. i melted down a bunch of his family members gold in order to make the setting.

when he picked it up he was so happy that he proposed that night and brought his “now” finance alissa and his sweet mom fren the next day. we hit it all off right away.

then alissa and zach decided to come again to make their wedding bands with me, also with gold that we melted down to create something so new and exiting for them.they came all the way from boston and we had such a great time….

they now are married and just sent this picture. thank you for sharing!

all the best, i am pretty sure  this was not the last project for us to work on.


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