As a classically trained goldsmith from Germany, I moved to Burlington, Vermont in Spring 2007.  I have continued working as a goldsmith, developing my own collections and making custom jewelry.

Inspired by classic forms from architecture, arts and ancient crafts, I like to collect antique items from flea markets and yard sales, everything from buttons, toys, inlays and carved stones.

final chandeler fans final               IMG_0001 chand.7days,1

I gather pieces and motifs that are no longer appreciated and simply lost their meaning in the present world and re-imagine them in my work, using traditional German craftsmanship as well as modern techniques like precious metal clay, dental composite and casting in order to give them new life.

Besides creating and selling my own work, I enjoy teaching technical skills in jewelry classes.  They are offered at my new backyard WERKSTATT (workshop) in the Old North End neighborhood in Burlington, Vermont.  I wanted to share with my students the beauty and inspiration of being in my urban garden.

P1050323_2    jane frank, jewelry classes, burlington, vermont, werkstatt

In my fully equipped studio I teach basic techniques like sawing, drilling, filing and soldering on all skill levels and help my students ( max. 7 ) to develop designs, create their own pieces of jewelry or modify existing ones. Besides my day and night classes on a monthly bases (four 2-1/2 hour classes), I offer weekend classes, dedicated to one certain technique like sand casting, making your own wedding bands, boxes and hinges, stone setting etc., as well as a 4 hour Sunday class.  And I have recently added a drop-in option for students who need less guidance to finish projects (see classes above for complete schedule).

Feel free to contact me for further information at info@janefrank.de

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