update, April 2019

hello my friends.

its been a while and shocking how fast time flies.

so much has happened and somehow I have the feeling that this year is full of surprises, changes and improvements. WERKSTATT is doing well and I am positive that it will become better even.

I keep piling up “make your own wedding band” appointments as well as private lessons and wholesale/trade show options.

also, like always, there is a lot in my mind how to improve this location and utilize it as a wonderful, welcoming back yard where the whole network can connect. from wedding planners, foodies, crafters, creators etc.

I have not figured out yet, how to REALLY do it but my vision is solid.let me know if you have ideas. this studio and surrounding is an open playground.

also, I will celebrate my 5th anniversary of WERKSTATT on the 4th of may (11-5), which is very hard to believe. I will attach a few “before-after” pictures and some which will show the development of this special place.

I hope I will see you at the celebration and take some time to catch up, take advantage of some sale possibilities for mothers day and just be part of our lives.

best, Jane and thank you friends to make WERKSTATT happen.



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