such a touching compliment that keeps me doing what i do

this is from my wonderful and inspiring  student eve and came out of the blue in a time that i was struggling, doubting and simply sad….it brought me back to the place to stay more positive, in general but especially right now. its hard but worth it to stand up for your visions and your believes.and small things can grow big…

thank you eve, for getting me going.

“Thank you so much for everything.  I do not tell you enough, your workshop and classes are my happy place. Thank you for offering your beautiful, bright, sunny self and family and home. You have such a warm bright light inside of you.  I am endlessly grateful for you and werkstatt.”

“I can’t contain all the wonderful things I have to say about you. You are such a huge light in my life! I wish you knew. We ALL love being around you so much. . I wish you knew how we all feel about you! I really do appreciate you more than words can tell. You and your classes are the best part of my week. The homey vibe of werkstatt along with your laugh and the creative, comfortable energy feels like a healing balm for the soul. I talk about it all time. You create this little community that I now can’t imagine living without.  “Thank you” doesn’t begin to cut it.

If you ever need a comment or praise for your blog or anything, let me know so that I can sit down and write something more  articulate about werkstatt and you.

Really- You are magic. Simply the best.

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